Commercial Roofs

TPO Roofs

The benefits of a TPO roof are: its’ generally inexpensive for the benefits it offers. They are UV resistant no matter the color variation you choose, whether it be white, black, or gray. Maintenance is very simple as you don’t have to deal with mold growth, punctures and tears, even thermal expansions and contractions are easily accommodated by a TPO roof. Wide seemed TPO membranes are easy to install so you spend less on installation and can be heat welded to any protrusions on the roof. You also save energy due to the reflective nature of TPO membranes, its all around a beneficial investment. We will use the best materials available to ensure you don’t run into issues like you would with cheap material. Call now or set an appointment to meet with an agent.

EDPM Roofs

The benefits of EPDM roofs are that it’s the lowest costing per square foot of material, coming in white or black color variations. EPDM roofs are compatible with solar panel cells, and being a lightweight material it can adapt to any shape or style of roof all while being 100% recyclable. It is fire resistant and actually slows down the spread of any fires that could occur. This material lasts around 20 years and longer. New material of EPDM are impervious to radiation and UV rays, they can also protect your roof from hail up to 3 inches. It also offers energy efficiency especially when paired with polyiso insulation to keep the extreme heat or cold fronts outside and keep your building temperatures comfortable. Call now or set an appointment to meet with an agent.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are more expensive than the other 2 choices, but come in a wide range of colors to choose from and styles such as tin, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, and zinc. They last for 50 years or more, are UV resistant, and are 100% recyclable so when it’s replaced it will never be thrown in a landfill. Flat and consistent metal panels allows for easy installation of solar panels. They are low maintenance and fire resistant so you don’t have to worry about fire spreading to any part of your roof and causing damage. these roofs require a single maintenance inspection per year compared to 2-3 as needed with TPO and EPDM roofs. Call now or set an appointment to meet with an agent.

Roof Coatings


Silicone is a roof coating that is ponding water resistant, reflects upwards of 80%-90% UV rays which allows it to be resistant to the direct exposure in sunlight that makes other types of coating crack and degrade over a long period of time. It is highly flexible, monolithic, and has an impermeable membrane capable of withstanding high wind, oxidation, extreme temperatures, and thermal movement such as expanding and contracting. Most high-solids silicone coatings are solvent-free and contain extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Most also meet and exceed all state-regulated material safety standards, meaning they are safe for use in all 50 states. Call now or set an appointment to have the silicone coating applied and prolong the life of your roof.


Acrylic roof coating provides UV ray protection and reflects most sun rays which allows it to be just as durable as other forms of coatings that are more expensive. This saves you money on both of ends of installation/product and energy efficiency. As a water based substance it is easy to install and can be sprayed on the roof which is much quicker than acrylic which is usually rolled on the roof which is a thicker mil substance. The largest con to this method is that it requires a clear and warm day, where there is no rain and is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can adhere correctly. Aside from that, this is still a popular method of coating for its’ low cost and high durability. Call now or set an appointment to compare costs and have your roof coating applied.